Kanz Outdoors Mahogany Field Bar

kanz outdoors mahogany field bar

If you're looking to step up your camping happy hour, take a look at the Kanz Outdoors Mahogany Field Bar. The Field Bar is a portable, free-standing bar that is perfect for serving up some of your … [Read more...]

When you need to make a lot of camp coffee …

camp coffee

Most of the challenge in camp cooking is having the right tools for the job. This statement definitely applies to the area of camp coffee. Many solo campers or small families tend to favor the classic … [Read more...]

CADAC Safari Chef Grill

Cadac Safari Chef

After a little bit of work, we finally got our hands on a CADAC Safari Chef Grill to do some testing. While the name CADAC might be unfamiliar to you here in the States, they've been in business for … [Read more...]