Overland Gourmet was created to promote simple, gourmet cooking while out on the trail. We wanted to focus on the culinary needs of the overlander, dual sport rider, and adventure traveler. Travelers definitely aren’t limited to canned goods or rehydrated food – they’re limited to their imagination. This website focuses on overland cooking gear, recipes, and many other aspects of the trail kitchen you’ll find helpful and educational.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Everything we do follows a few basic principles:

- Keep it simple
- Make the content useful
- Relate it to how it affects the reader in the real world

Your Guides

Overland Gourmet was created by a couple of good friends who have a passion for the outdoors and good food (sometimes it is debatable on which passion comes first). After months and months of a weekly grill night trying out new camp recipes on a well used, but treasured, Snow Peak Iron Grill Table, we decided to create an online resource for foodies with a sense of adventure and love of travel.

After many months in the making, Overland Gourmet has taken root and embarked on what could be considered an epic adventure. While the final destination is parts unknown, we hope you will join us on our culinary travels, participate whenever possible, and help create a resource that we all come to love and treasure.

Oh yeah, we also want to have a little fun along the way!