First Look: Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp

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Jonathan Snaza gives us an overview of the awesome new Snow Peak SnowMiner Headlamp and how it’s a true game changer:

It’s interesting to look at the progression and advancements of headlamps in recent years. When I bought my first headlamp, it had a simple on and off switch and the batteries lasted maybe 3 hours. Nowadays, getting 100 hours on a low setting isn’t unreasonable.

There used to be only a few brands that were sold in stores that offered headlamps, Petzl and Black Diamond to name a few. Now, Snow Peak has entered the market. As a company, Snow Peak has always kept itself closely aligned with the design side of development. The SnowMiner keeps true to that direction.

Not only does this headlamp look good, but it also performs flawlessly. The first thing that people will notice about the SnowMiner is its unique lighting “bubble”. I say bubble, because honestly, that’s what it is. A simple bubble that when “popped” out, gives off ambient light in a 180 degrees of direction. When the bubble is pushed in, you get a focused beam that puts out 80 lumens allowing you to see whatever is coming in front of you.

I know what you are thinking, “why wouldn’t I just want a concentrated beam?” Well, the answer is simple. Having the ability to light 180 degrees around you works extremely well, especially when you are in your tent or any other enclosed area.

 The SnowMiner’s built-in hook allows you to hang it from anywhere you deem necessary!

So in actuality, when you buy a SnowMiner you’re getting a headlamp with built-in lantern! With regards to battery life, 3 AAA batteries will last 140 hours on low and up to 55 hours on high. That’s a pretty good amount of time and it should manage to last you during that week long hike you’re planning down the Grand Canyon.

Affordably priced at $50.00 – order one today! They also make a great gift for the outdoor lover on your shopping list!

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